The most awesome startups in Pakistan, all in one place!


Mobile Doctor

Mobile Doctor is a platform that aims to digitize health-related procedures. It is an application that provides healthcare management tools in one's smartphone.


Wifinity is a media tech startup that proves quality content discovery, online as well as offline.


Piepie is a tax-refund automation service that aims at providing relief to all salaried individuals by informing them about the relevant tax

The Unipedia

The Unipedia is an online portal for Universities Entry Test preparations with self-assessment, explanations and dedicated tutors

Shadi Shenanigans

Shadi Shenanigans is the first Pakistani Wedding e-commerce website where you can purchase all the wedding goodies for your special day.


Feedience, short for feed-the-audience, is the creative powerhouse that wants to bring a change in the era of mindless entertainment by publishing local content targeted for Pakistani millennial population.


AdBreak provides an alternative approach to playing mobile games where you can earn some money for yourself too.


TownsMate is an on-demand delivery application that acts as a bridge between potential customers and freelance delivery providers in different areas of Karachi.


Daakhla intends to be a one-stop online platform that boasts a comprehensive database of the names of universities along with the programs they are offering.